The Royal Kingdom of Media

the royal kingdom of media

Once upon a time there was a charming Prince named Content. He ruled the royal kingdom of Media. His rule extended over territories like Television, Print, Outdoor and Radio. He was a just ruler and had the mastery of tailoring his rules as per the demands of the territories in question. Content was well known for his fair nature.

One fine morning, the kingdom of Media was invaded by a newly risen territory called Digital. Prince Content was surprised with this unannounced invasion. Digital waged a war against all the established territories. The territories fought this war diligently with only one objective in mind- to win! But Digital had no intentions of facing defeat. He fought back with admirable valor. The war had no outcome in spite of fighting for months. At last, Prince Content decided to extend an olive branch to Digital in the hope of some negotiation.

Digital accepted the offer given to him by Prince Content. Digital had a dream of establishing a well reputed territory in the Royal kingdom of Media. Prince Content had to think of an amicable solution to the problem his territories faced and end the futile war. After knowing Digital’s dream, Prince Content invited him to be a part of the Royal kingdom of Media, but only on one condition. Digital would have to sign an agreement that his territory would in no way disrupt or harm the working of all the already established territories and he would thoughtfully work towards prosperity of the Kingdom. In return Prince Content would amend his rules particularly to suit the needs of Digital’s territory & provide it with all the resources needed for survival.

After careful consideration and discussions, finally a closure was obtained on the ongoing dispute when Digital accepted Prince Content’s invitation and complied with the imposed conditions and started living within the Royal kingdom of Media.

Many years have gone by, and the Kingdom of Media has only prospered for the best! Today Prince Content rules the whole kingdom as a King. He works hard for the growth of all the territories of the Kingdom so that they all live happily ever after!


Morals of the story:

The kingdom of Media gives a fair opportunity to anybody with the potential to perform.

The secret for flourishing is to focus on integration rather than competition!

Let the creative horses run so that King Content can ride on them & customize his rules efficiently to suit the individual territorial needs with agility.

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